About us


What is Gay Men Face to Face?

Safe Space

Gay Men Face to Face is a safe space to connect with men without the fear of homophobia, censorship and without the constraints of hetero-normativity.


Connect with men close and far. We encourage you to create and join groups and to connect IRL.

You Get to Choose

Most sites are 100% about sex. At Gay Men Face to Face, we encourage you to explore all aspects of yoursefl and your community


The Forums feature allows you to be a par of engaging discussions on a wide range of topics. Start your own discussion now.

Other Services

Gay Men Face to Face has a Marketplace where you can sell your (legal) wares or services and an RSS newsfeed of topics of interest.


Even though this network is for and by Gay men, we will not toletare any type of misogyny or transphobia. Gay Men Face to Face supports all those on their gender journey.


Why we created Gay Men Face to Face

Over the last decade, social media has become increasingly important on all levels of society. Unfortunately what once was an even playing field, has now become an increasingly hostile environment for many of us.  We aim to help mitigate this by offering this social network.  The reason why we ask for $1 a month or $10 a year is that we are not a big company. The small fee goes to paying for the website maintenance and hosting and related services.